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Msaidizi Blogs was built to support those people with a voice and something to say. We believe that bloggers can have a bigger influence in in the Kenyan society, but have otherwise  not been able to build their own community to establish a recognizable presence.

With Msaidizi Blogs we can leverage the power of many bloggers with similar goals to create a community that enables each blogger to reach their potential.

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We have created a platform that provides everything a blogger needs to be successful so they can dedicate their time to creating the great quality content that their readers expect.

We can also help you increase the traffic to your site to help grow your influence and, in turn, your earnings as well.

Your Content will be shared on our main site at Msaidizi.com as well as all of our other media, Mobile and social properties which reach over 100,000 Kenyans Daily.

We know how much time and effort goes into building successful blog content and it’s our goal to give you more time to do just that by taking the guesswork and grunt work out of managing a blog.

We offer blogs the ability to have their advertising professionally managed. This saves our blogs time and helps them increase their income.

By allowing Msaidizi Blogs to manage your advertising efforts, we can help you optimize your earnings and save you precious time so you can focus on the content that your readers love.


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