A complete guide on how to blog for a Living in Kenya.

blog for a living in Kenya

Here is the complete guide on how to blog for a living in Kenya.

If your blogging is not merely a hobby, then at one time or another you have contemplated how to make money with your blog in Kenya. Today we will discuss some of the common ways you can blog for a living in Kenya.

There are plenty of ways to make money blogging in Kenya, some of the methods that we are covering here today are broad and general for any Kenyan blogger but some are more effective in certain niche specific areas, so it all depends on the intended goal and what type of income one intends to generate.

Before trying to blog for a living in Kenya you have to do comprehensive research and find the best fitting monetization channels. With that being said, look through the list, and find your best options, or just see what’s available out there.

Most Kenyan bloggers rush to monetize their blogs and then get disappointed when they don’t make as much as promised. I would suggest that you build your blog audience first before you try to monetize, the hard work you put in now will pay off in the future. Having said that please use this list as a guideline for your blog monetization plans.

  1. Use display advertising to blog for a living in Kenya

Display ads are the most common ways to blog for a living in Kenya. Ads can deliver a good amount of revenue for the blog with a lot of traffic. One has to concentrate on creating traffic before they can think of using display ads otherwise it is not worth it. Diversification is Key because as an income source, display ads should not be the primary channel, unless of course one’s blog is getting hundreds if not millions of page views a month then it’s worth thinking about.

  1. Advertising networks

Ad networks combine the power of many blogs to entice advertisers to advertise on the network as a whole. This could be advantageous for the blog owner who doesn’t want to do the menial job of finding advertisers and monetizing their blogs. Obviously in this scenario the ad network will do all the advertising work and then share the revenue with the blog owner. There are a lot of ad networks to choose from. The most popular being Google Adsense, choosing an ad network is dependent on that network being able to deliver advertisers for your targeted audience.  You can also look into Media.net (Yahoo/Bing) and Clicksor.

If you choose to go the ad network route, there are a lot of ways you can blog for a living in Kenya with an ad network.

  1. PPM – Get paid whenever a visitor lands on a page displaying the ad. Whether they click the ad or not.
  2. PPC – Get paid when someone clicks on the ads showing on your blog.
  3. Banner Ads – Banner ads are placed in sidebars, headers, and individual posts. These can be PPC or PPM.
  4. RSS Ads – Inserting Ads that appear on the blogs RSS feed can be a way to make money not just for your blog content but also for those subscribed to the Blog via RSS.
  5. In-text Ads – Ads that appear on the text of a blog post or blog page.
  6. Mobile Advertising – Create a mobile version of your blog and add display ads
  7. Advertising widgets – Add a widget with ads on areas of your blog where widgets are inserted like side bars and footers.
  8. Bulletin/job board – Get a Job board going and have employers pay to post jobs on your specific niche. a good example can be seen at iHUB
  9. Audio ads on your podcasts – Create audio ads to add to your podcasts for those podcasting bloggers.
  10. Sponsored content – Create sponsored content to add to your blog. Companies are always willing to have bloggers create content that advertises their products.
  11. Ads on your videos – Ads can be added to your videos before upload.
  12. Interstitial ads – these are ads that run before a visitor shows up on the blog’s front page.
  13. Blog Stores – Turning your blog into a store can be a way to blog for a living in Kenya. While most bloggers concentrate on creating free content, they tend to forget that a blog can be a store as well. Do this by creating physical products to sell for example branded shirts, caps, or just about any merchandise from your blog.
  14. Auctions – Run auctions on your Kenyan blog like a micro eBay store. This can work with Plugins and specific themes.
  15. Start an ecommerce store A blog does not have to be just about creating great content, you can create an ecommerce store to sell your brand and other digital products either your own or affiliates.
  16. Paid Reviews – You can do product reviews on your blog and get paid for it. Just make sure you tell the truth or you would lose credibility and your audience.
  17. Receive gifts for reviewing products – reviews do not just have to be in form of cash, most times than not, you get to keep those products that you review.
  18. Get sponsored by a company – Find a company to sponsor your blog. Companies are willing to partner with influencers in the community and if your blog can reach that status, you may find a company willing to sponsor your blog.
  19. Become a brand ambassador – Brand ambassadorship is also another way you may blog for a living in Kenya, as stated earlier, companies are very much willing to partner with community influencers.
  20. Recurring Income – you can create passive income streams from your blog where you get paid continually from a single action in form of affiliate sales.
  21. Join an Affiliate Program – sell other peoples products as an affiliate and get paid a commission whenever someone buys the item through your blog.
  22. Affiliate links in posts – Post affiliate links on your posts so that when someone clicks on them you can get paid a referral fee.
  23. Webhosting referral affiliates: (BluehostGodaddy, Hostgator) – Does your hosting company pay for referrals, tell everyone that you use them and get paid a referral fee. (most companies hosting companies do) We use Ramnode Private Servers.
  24. Affiliate sales from social media (Instagram and Pinterest) – do you post on Instagram or Pinterest a lot, help companies sell their products on these channels and get paid for it.
  25. Create an affiliate program for your own products – create an affiliate program for your own products. This can be for both physical and digital, and then find affiliates to help sell your products.
  26. Directly sell other bloggers’ products and get commissions – You can also partner with other Kenyan bloggers to sell their products directly on your blog. A lot of bloggers use this method to cross sell products to other people’s lists and make a decent living doing it.
  27. Coaching – As a blogger you can become an influential voice on a topic and thus be capable of coaching others on the topic.
  28. Group coaching programs – Create a group coaching program on your blog topic and sell them coaching as a group session.
  29. Private interview series – Create a private interview series that you can sell to companies in your niche.
  30. Develop and sell your own self-paced courses – You can develop and sell your own self paced courses on your niche blog topic.
  31. Create a video course – Create an online video course and sell it to subscribers. Video courses are very easy to create with today’s tools. It does not need to be sourced out. All you need is video creating and editing software.
  32. E-books – Write an e-book to sell to your audience on any topic that your blog covers. This is the most popular options for many bloggers and if you are not doing this then you should definitely think about creating an e-book.
  33. Membership Site – Create a membership site for your subscribers and charge a fee for it. Private membership sites have been effective for bloggers who cover several niche topics and where members can come to learn and interact with the blog owner and other members.
  34. Private forum – Create a private forum that requires a fee to join. Private forums are effective in a niche that requires a bit of secrecy from prying eyes of the outside world. I am by no means advocating anything illegal here but if there is a need then use this option.
  35. Paid guest posts – You can do paid guest posts to blog for a living in Kenya. Having worked hard and achieved influencer status, you can request a fee when approached to write guest posts for others.
  36. Ghost-writing for other bloggers or sites – You may also ghost write for other bloggers for a fee.
  37. Use your blog as a platform for a higher-paying job – You can use your blog as a platform to showcase your skills and influence for potential employers.
  38. Write sales letters – Companies are always looking for professional sales copy and if you are exceptional, you can charge for your services.
  39. Publish a book – Publish a book and use your blog to market and promote it. Levi does this very well here
  40. Write web copy for businesses/blogs – You can write web copy for other blogs and businesses to supplement your income.         
  41. Paid speaking Jobs – Get paid speaking engagements on your blog’s topics and expand your influence.
  42. Host a branded Social Media party – Host a branded social media party and charge a fee to join. As an influencer you can successfully create these parties make a decent living from it.
  43. Live workshops – Create live workshops and webinars and charge an entry fee for it.
  44. Create a crowdfunding pageYou can create a crowdfunding page to raise some funds for your blog. If you are a community activist or a cause. This can be a great way to go. Technically you should not consider this income but, if it’s for a good cause then I encourage you to do it.
  45. Enroll in the Beacon network – Beacon empowers writers by letting others  fund their work directly. That means the reader, decide which writers and stories get published instead of advertisers.
  46. Ask for donations (PayPal) – Yes you can ask for donations, start a Harambee to get your blog some funding.
  47. Sell your blog/site template or theme – Lucrative businesses have been made from selling themes and blog templates. If you are tech savvy, this can be a great way to go to blog for a living in Kenya.
  48. Develop and sell your own software – Developing and selling needed software in a niche can also be a way to make a living with your blog. Creating software can be easy and you do not need to be a techie. You can use sites like upwork or fiverr to find software developers and pay them to create the software for you.
  49. Create a mobile app – Mobile apps are the future of technology, creating a mobile app for your niche can also be very lucrative for the blog owner. As with other software, you do not need to be a developer although it would certainly help. You may be able to source it out though to freelance developers to create the software for you.
  50. Find an angel Investor – Treating your blog like a real business could go a long way in finding an angel investor. Mirror a real startup, create a business plan and scalability plans and if you can achieve those targets, then you might be able to attract an angel investor for your blog. Of course this is not an easy opportunity but using a keen business mind and some creativity, it is very possible. Also finding a profitable niche would help things out as well.

We have covered all the possible ways to blog for a living in Kenya but the conversation is not over, Let us know if you have a way you have been monetizing your Kenyan blog that we have forgotten to cover here in the comments section below.

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