How to start a free blog in Kenya

How to start a free blog in Kenya

So How do you start a free blog in Kenya

Starting a free blog in Kenya can be as easy as 123.

We are assuming that you have already decided to delve into the world of blogging and you are looking for a blogging platform to get you started.

A free blog would be the best way to get you going simply because you do not have to spend anything in the initial stages. When your blog grows then you can decide to invest some money on things such as domain names ( domain name) and hosting.

There are literally thousands of blogging platforms out there to start and house your blog at. Most will give you the easy free option of registering a name with their own main TLD. As in you will get a blog address of ( instead of (

Some blogging platforms will allow you to map the name ( to your blog if you have it registered. Which means even though the blog is housed at ( when a visitor types ( they are automatically redirected to (

Today we will discuss some of the top blogging platforms that will give you a free blog in Kenya.

  1. Blogger – Blogger is one of the top blogging platforms in the world and it is owned by the search giant Google. Creating a blog with blogger will insure that you get a name with the blog spot extension. ( Blogger is a breeze to use and easy to set up your free blog in Kenya and I would recommend this to the newbie looking to delve into the world of blogging.
  2. WordPress – WordPress is the other top blogging platform for your free blog in Kenya. I personally have used WordPress for many years and would recommend this platform above blogger. It is easy to use and very quick to learn. There is a bit of confusion when it comes to WordPress because there is two parts to it. One is which offers the free blog in Kenya we are talking about. The blog name would then be WordPress also offers the blogging platform that runs the free blogs, this is found at When you become familiar with the blog and want to upgrade but keep the platform, then you would switch to
  3. Msaidizi Blogs – Msaidizi blogs is a platform especially designed for potential bloggers who are looking to start a free blog in Kenya. The backbone for Msaidizi blogs is which means you would get a very stable and one of the most popular blogging platforms out there but with enhanced features and all FOR FREE.

Premium Plugins – With Msaidizi blogs you will receive everything WordPress has to offer but with additional features in the name of premium Plugins. You see WordPress and blogger offer just the blog and leave everything else to you. Plugins extend the functionality of a blog platform and Msaidizi blogs offers many Premium Plugins that you would otherwise have to pay for.

Search Engine Optimization – For any blogger search engine optimization will is the key to whether your blog will survive or not. To get readers to your blog, you need to be indexed and ranked by search engines (Google and Yahoo) obviously the higher you are ranked in search engine results, the more visitors you are going to get. At Msaidizi blogs we offer Premium search engine optimization Plugins and tutorials to help get your blog ranked higher in search engine results.

Social – To get your free blog in Kenya read by many people you need to have the ability to share your content automatically to social media channels and at Msaidizi blogs not only do you get this capability but your content is also shared on Msaidizi as well as their social media channels as well which means you have a team of professionals helping to market and promote your content. This is a win win scenario for both blogger and Msaidizi blogs.

Set up – Setup for a free blog in Kenya through Msaidizi blogs is very simple and it takes less than 10 minutes. To get started all you have to do is head to the Msaidizi Blogs site and sign up. They will design the blog for you free of charge and get you to your blogging journey as fast as humanly possible. To get started just click the link below

Get your free blog in Kenya with premium plugins, marketing and advertising many more from Msaidizi Blogs

free blog in Kenya

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