How to start a successful blog in Kenya in 2016

How to start a successful blog in Kenya in 2016

How do I start a blog in Kenya? I was asked this question at an event I spoke at recently.  I had finished talking about the benefits of blogging in Kenya  and I was doing a Q&A after the event when I was asked this question. This is a complex subject matter and I will take a few articles to completely answer this.

The first article on how to start a successful blog in Kenya is below..

start a blog in Kenya

To many budding bloggers in Kenya, all they want to do is write great content and have a lot of readers and make a lot of money with their blogs but they have no idea how to get started. As with any undertaking we always see the results and not the journey and the hard work it takes to create those results.


So today i just don’t want to talk about how to start a blog in Kenya, anyone can do that. what I want to talk about are the necessary steps needed to create a successful blog in Kenya in 2016.

So lets imagine you’ve attended one of our blog academy lectures and you are very excited and ready to go in your blogging career.

You have something to say damn it and you want to be heard now!

It matters that you should at least be successful in this venture, I mean if you don’t aim for success then whats the point for you to start a blog in Kenya anyway.

Step 1 on how to start a blog in Kenya in 2016 – Choose the right blog topic and by extension topic niche

start a blog in Kenya

The firs step in your blogging career would be to choose the right blog topic. Now I am sure you might have a lot of things to say about a lot of things, from your neighbors chickens to your girlfriend’s / boyfriends snooping / insecurities.

Many a blogger that I know have made successful careers taking about the strange and unimaginable but for our sake you need to narrow down your focus a bit especially when you are starting out. Now your typical blog guru will tell you you need to choose something you are passionate about because it will be easier to find subject matter when you write.

Well that would be inaccurate because I have met bloggers who choose a blog niche (topic) based on how much money they can make.   If you choose a topic about watching the paint dry (literally) you can still make a great Income if you are the go to blog on watching  paint dry.

I can show you how to find a profitable blog niche guaranteed.

Step 2 on how to start a blog in Kenya in 2016 – Write, Write, Write and then Write some more.

start a blog in Kenya

After you have chosen the topic your blog is going to cover, the second thing would be to sit down and write 10 articles of the best articles on this topic to get you started. These are called pillar articles and will be used to get your blogging going so that when someone visits the blog, they have something to read. Since these will be your introductory stories to your blogging, they need to be your best work. As with any venture, putting your best foot forward is always the right policy and this situation warrants that.

Step 3 on how to start a blog in Kenya in 2016 – Choosing a blogging platform.

how to start a blog in Kenya

You might not know this but there are literally thousands of blogging platforms and by much they are mostly created equal. The biggest choice you have to make is either to choose a free blogging platform or a paid one. Now I don’t know about you but I would rather choose a free option and then upgrade to a paid one after the blog grows.

We will talk about Free blogging platforms next in the how to start a blog in Kenya series so stay tuned…


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